Dela Plast acquires FDA /IMS approval to US Standards for plastic parts.

Dela Plast FDA certified for IMS plastic product manufacturing


Dela Plast now internationally accredited to produce plastic parts for export to FDA standards

DELA PLAST, is now proudly one of a few elite companies in South Africa to have FDA approval by the US food and drug administration. This plastic injection moulding company in Pretoria acquired the certification, for the fabrication of single service containers and closures for milk and milk products. Dela Plast was able to do this as their plastic products are produced in a pristine factory that already runs under ISO 22000 & ISO 9001 standards.

Dela Plast plastic injection moulding manufacturers, was evaluated on their hygiene and facility standards by an approved consultant from the united states, PCI labs, on behalf of the FDA in April 2022, when they obtained their certification. 

Plastic products are sent to the FDA approved laboratory in the US regurlarly, to test the end product for cleanliness, ensuring the company continues to work to clean and hygienic standards.

Quality is of utmost importance when producing food, medical and pharmaceutical plastic products. This is why Dela plast is already internationally certified to FSSC 22000 ( ISO 22000/4 certified for food packaging). Food safety goes hand in hand with an approved suppliers system and a thorough traceability system to ensure product issues can be traced, and risks eliminated throughout the factory. This ensures a safe and hygienic end product, and our clients,  and the end users, ease of mind.

Dela Plast has been running their FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) successfully for 5 years now. Sanitation, risk and pest control systems are an integral part of the day to day production.  Dela Plast aims to continually improve its quality management system and procedures to work towards a risk-free environment, to ensure safe and high-quality food and milk contact  products. 

Dela Plast produces a wide variety of specialized contract moulded plastic products. These plastic products ranges from food packaging for a leading Italian chocolate manufacturer, dental packaging for export, various medical items, and different types of agricultural and engineering plastic parts.  The company aims to increase their pharmaceutical and medical product ranges. as they have the ideal manufacturing environment for these kind of products which needs to adhere to strict hygiene manufacturing standards. Some of the clients require Gamma radiation afterwards which can be organized.

Dela Plast’s experienced directors assists in the final touches of the product design themselves, to ensure that the product is designed well, runs smoothly and cost effectively for the client.

Contact Dela Plast Management team by email or phone to discuss the way forward with your specialized plastic product.

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