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We convert ideas into products! We belief your success is our growth. Dela-Plast sees their growth in terms of new ideas and products and not in copying and undercutting prices from competitors.

Often people have ideas but struggle to convert it into a product. Dela-Plast has experience in how to convert that idea or concept in a product if it is in the plastic injection moulded field. We use computer aided design with a 3D design package called Solid Works.

After the designed product is accepted on computer, we can grow the product to enable the client to test the market. From the feedback the design can be updated and further improved till the design is finally approved.

Part of the design process is to keep in mind other aspects of production and business; Elements like strengths of materials, cost of materials, manufacturability and complexity of a mould need to be taken in consideration from the start of the design.

Once the product is designed and approved, we go over to tool or (mould) design. We do this in conjunction with our toolmaker. A proper designed mould can save tens of thousands of rand for a customer.

Dela-Plast does not make moulds themselves but outsource the work to various toolmakers locally (preferred) or abroad if the knowledge is not available in RSA. We have a good network of toolmakers and know their specialty.

Some parts need assembly to get to a full product others require specialized packing. Either we do it ourselves or we outsource it to two protective workshops: “Workshop for the Blind” or the “Roger Stephansen workshop”.

Products need to be delivered to various parts of the country. Dela-Plast has a good network of forwarders and private transport companies to ship your products anywhere in the country or even in the world. 30 – 45% of our production is exported and we have vast experience in how to load containers and with export procedures.

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