About Us

Dela Plast injection moulding company directors, Arend de Lange and Harry Pouwels have been running the business of manufacturing plastic injection moulded products successfully for 2 decades,  and is growing stronger every year. With their practical knowledge and hands on approach Dela Plast Pty Ltd supplies high quality products to a wide variety of markets and focuses on keeping their clients happy.

Dela Plast is a one-stop shop for customers. We transform concepts and ideas into products, and products into production. We have access to a specialized network of tool-designers and toolmakers locally and abroad, therefore we can assist our clients in the design and manufacturing of high quality moulds for their products. As a proudly family run manufacturing business, our guarantee is to provide our clients with the best quality possible assisting with built in features in moulds ensuring excellence!

Our Mission and Vision is to convert polymers to quality plastic products mainly through the process of injection moulding. We work according to our clients requested standards and we are continually focusing on local resource utilisation and to earn the respect as a reliable supplier for our customers. We aim to become a world class manufacturer of plastic injection moulded products made of engineering plastics by using the latest affordable technology.

Quality is a mindset to be applied to all aspects of our business. In 2016 we expanded our business into the food safe packaging line , ensuring a clean production environment to ensure quality products for our food, medical and pharmaceutical clients. Our reliable production team continually works together with our quality management team to ensure that we keep to our quality and hygiene standards for our FSSC 22000 (ISO 22000-4)food safe certification.

We work according to quality management systems, which includes ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP guidelines. We continuously aim to improve our systems and procedures and we always aspire to exceed customer expectations!

Recently we acquired for the second year, the U.S. FDA approved IMS certification for fabrication of single service containers and closures, for Milk and Milk products. We were also audited on SMETA, which covers responsible aspects regarding ethics, labour, health and safety and environmental performance.

We are part of the SEDEX platform (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) where companies can ensure that we work according to internationally commended standards.

These are excellent examples of how the management of Dela Plast continuously aspires to conform to our clients’ needs and expectations and grows as a company supplying international quality products.

To provide effective production, Dela Plast operates 24 hours a day and 5 and a half days a week. Our plastic injection moulding machines ranges from 25 ton to 350 ton which allows us to make products up to 800g. We have a solid customer base with a wide variety of clients and products over various industries. At Dela Plast, we value our relationship with our customers. Approximately 50% of our business consists of contract moulding (moulds belonging to the client) and the other 50% are products owned by Dela Plast. We also serve a wide international market, exporting about 20% of our products.

Apart from for our various contract moulding products we also supply plastic storage bins.  These handy storage containers are strong and effective for many warehousing storage solutions . Our agricultural products include seed trays for forestry and many other plants and we also supply tomato or trellising hooks and sprinkler systems.

We welcome resellers interested to sell our various plastic products to their markets.

We are supportive of the community through job creation programs for all citizens of South Africa. We are placing special emphasis on involving the disabled and the disadvantaged communities. The Rodger Stephen Protective Workshop have been assisting us for years in assembling our Dela Misters. We are grateful for their work and hope to work together for many years to come.

At Dela Plast we endeavor to use all the resources to our disposal in a responsible manner and we strive to work according to ISO 14000 guidelines for a clean and healthy environment .

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