Dela Plast Manufacturing Dela-Misters for wholesale

Dela Mister sprinkler head
How the dela mister sprinkler head design

Dela Plast plastic injection moulders manufacture plastic sprinklers called Dela Misters at our factory in Koedoespoort Industrial, Pretoria. These sprinkler units have excellent water distribution, are strong and durable and highly effective, as blockages seldom occur.

Tired of blocked sprinkler systems? Dela-Mister outperform micro-sprinklers.

Blocked sprinklers are a major problem in the nursery and farming industry. But at last there is a solution. The Dela-Mister was designed with these problems in mind and is produced by Dela-Plast injection moulders in Gauteng.

How does the Dela Mister work?

The conventional sprayer or sprinkler forces water through a narrowed opening called a jet or nozzle. The disadvantage is that the nozzles are likely to get blocked through objects in the water or insects like ants. Farmers know the time, effort and cost involved to clean nozzles.

The adjustable Micro Dela Mister distributes water with the centrifugal force generated in the sprinkler head and is not forced through a narrow opening like a jet or nozzle. It has therefore the advantage that blockages seldom or never occur. It simply blows out any dirt that could possible land up in the sprinkler. This feature will save farmers, nursery managers and irrigation maintainer’s labour and money as well as the assurance that all the plants or trees are getting its fair share of water

A second feature of the Micro Dela Mister is the excellent water distribution. The deviation in the precipitation is ±8% which ensures a very even water distribution for your plants or seedlings. Although the water consumption is 140 liters per hour it will result in 11 mm of water per hour due to its wider range (area). This is approximately 25% more than a conventional sprinkler with 70 liters per hour.

With the Micro Mister you have the ability to adjust the water consumption by simply turning the mister head clockwise to decrease the water supply according to the plant’s needs. The units are made of high-quality plastic that is UV stabilized, Acetyl and Polypropylene material.

Distance of Dela misters for installation purposes
Best distance between mister A, B and C is 3.25 meters for the Dela Misters

Specification of the Dela Mister

At 2 KPa and a 3,25m distance between the misters, the deviation in the precipitation is below ±8% which ensures a very even water distribution. The water consumption is 140 liters per hour and will result in 11 mm of water per hour (precipitation). For 1,5 Kpa the distance between the misters should be 2,25 meters supplying 122 liters per hour.

The mister also has the feature to adjust the water consumption by simply turning the mister head clockwise.

These sprayers are long lasting, UV protected and cheap. It ensures the owner even water distribution with reliability and hardly any maintenance. Too good to be true? Try them out and ask a free sample.

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