Plastic Products Contract Moulding

Plastic Injection Contract Moulding Service

At Dela Plast Pty Ltd we manufacture plastic moulded products to the highest quality possible, ensuring that you as our customer, receive a first-class product as well as excellent service!

With plastic injection contract moulding we manufacture your plastic product for you with your existing mould. We can assist with any type of plastic product part. We assist a lot of clients in the engineering and agricultural sectors.  We are also proudly FSSC 22000 certified, specializing in ISO 22002-4 for food safe packaging. This expands our ranges to be able to manufacture high quality plastic parts to the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

If you are still in the design/development phase we can assist you to ensure that the design of your product is more streamline, keeping the correct materials and manufacturing aspects in mind for a quality mould, which will inturn ensure quality products. Plastic injection moulding is a continuous process so large orders of thousands of parts is necessary to ensure you have a product worth pursuing.

Our plastic injection contract Moulding service consists of 50% of our turnover. We manufacture up to five and a half days a week, twenty-four hours a day! We take care of your mould’s first level maintenance and every mould on our site is insured.

The injection machines in our factory, ranges from 25 – 350 Ton with the maximum shot weight of 800g in PP. We specialize in smaller type plastic products with maximum dimensions not larger than 70cm.

We are proud to always deliver on our promised dates and can also assist in assembly of products, storage, and transport where necessary.

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