Trellising Hooks

Trellising fruits and vegetables are a long-practiced gardening technique that not only keeps plants off the ground, but improves production and increases usable space. It also prevents your harvest, particularly tomatoes, from rotting when hidden deep within the plant or when sitting directly on the soil.

Dela Plast wholesale supplies Trellising Hooks for the agricultural market (Agricultural Products). The Trellising Hooks are also called Tomato Hooks.  These handy Tomato Hooks are used to hang vine plants like tomato, cucumber and capsicum. Tomato Hooks form the basic support for long stem plants. Our plastic Trellising Hooks are corrosion-resisting, easy-hanging and labour-cost saving. It can house 8 Meter depending on type of twine. Units are sold 600 per box. Minimum orders apply.

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Dela Mister Sprinklers

The adjustable Micro Dela Mister with tube and connector, is easy to plug into the main irrigation line. The Dela Mister distributes water through the centrifugal forces created in the sprinkler head. It is highly unlikely that the mister blocks, therefore no maintenance is necessary to clean nozzles or jets.

A second feature of the Micro Dela Mister is the excellent water distribution. Water consumption is 140 litres per hour and will result in 11mm precipitation of water per hour. Simply turn the mister head clockwise to adjust the water consumption. You save 40% compared to conventional sprayers. Distance between misters at 2Kpa should be 3.25meters. Units are sold 200 per box. Minimum orders apply.

Available from our Existing Resellers:

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