Dela Plast announces storage bin wholesale services!

Dela Plast is looking forward to partnering with clients and suppliers who want to purchase storage bins on a wholesale level. Dela Plast has the capacity to supply this type of demand as we are manufacturers of these sturdy bins and run production 5.5 days a week, 24 hours a day!

Why resell storage bins?

The versatility and the quality of the Dela Plast storage bins makes it an ideal product to market if you are offering storage solutions to your clients. There are various sizes and colours to suit the need of every customer. The durability and the practicality of the bins make sit an easy sell to any business that needs to organise its shelves and storage space. By purchasing in large volumes from Dela Plast and reselling you now have the opportunity to diversify your storage solution business. By marketing these bins to your existing clients, you are albe to leverage existing relationships to boost your business’ cashflow.

Want more information about becoming a wholesale client? Give us a call on +27 12 391 7002
Why buy storage bins in wholesale quantities?

When rolling out a storage space organisational plan, it is important to be sure that your bins are uniform and consistent is size. This allows you to maximise your storage space per square meter. By purchasing large volumes of storage bins, you will not only save money, you will have a neater looking storage space because of the uniform appearance of the bins.

Want more information about becoming a wholesale client?  Give us a call on +27 12 391 7002

What makes plastic storage bins a good buy?

Over the years plastic storage bins have gained popularity in warehouses, workshops and shops stocking loose items like spares, nuts and bolts because of their strength and durability. Storage bins can also be used in the hospitality industry to organise cutlery, sachets and décor items. We have a list of 5 Benefits of Plastic Storage Bins and Containers for Businesses. In this list you will see a comparison between plastic storage bins and some other storage items. According to recent studies your office is not big enough to house both clutter and productivity. Clutter easily gives rise to chaos, and chaos in turn reduces productivity and causes profits to decline. By reducing clutter and storing away loose items effectively, storage bins can help you to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Want more information about becoming a wholesale client?  Give us a call on  +27 12 391 7002

Don’t take our word for it. This is how we have helped some of our client:

Client 1: “We love the fact that you can store so much in such a small area! Very effective and space saving to keep everything neat and organised especially now that our living spaces are becoming smaller.”

Client 2: “The Dela Plast storage bins work excellent in my shop display for all the smaller parts. The bins are durable and with the special shelving setup, lets one save up so much space. The labeling rounds it off to look neat and tidy and displays my products effectively keeping it organised as well! Great product and excellent service.”

Client 3: “Your small drawer bins are super handy containers for organizing things like tapes, bolts, drill bits, and other random things kept inside workshop drawers. Also, good quality plastic doesn’t feel like it would crack if you dropped them!”

You can provide your clients with the same satisfactory products.

Want more information about becoming a wholesale client? Give us a call on  +27 12 391 7002

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