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A large percentage of the workforce that you manage may require no physical labour. That means that most of them are sitting at a desk for hours at a time. With multiple hours a day spent at the same location, it’s not difficult to see why office desks and spaces tend to become our second homes, and why we feel comfortable to let the clutter pile up. According to recent studies your office is not big enough to house both clutter and productivity. Clutter easily gives rise to chaos, and chaos in turn reduces productivity and causes profits to decline. It is not just the piles of paper that need to be filed. It is the odds and ends that get used on occasion, and that remain essential, but need to be stored away for when they are needed. Office supplies and stationary, products and parts, they all have a way of easily becoming a grand pile of disorganisation.

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The fact of the matter is, it takes manpower, which again translates into finances to straighten the dysfunction and the disorganisation out once it has occurred. And for that reason it is better to prevent clutter rather than to sporadically clean it up. Do piles of paper, disorganization and information mismanagement take over your workplace while efficiency and effectiveness vanish right before your eyes? While we do not have statistic readily available for South Africa, According to the National Association of Professional Organizations in the USA, the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for missing papers and items. They also reported that one of the most common frustrations for small businesses is the inability to adequately serve customers as a result of unorganised workspaces. Think of a catering company who needs to keep various items such as cutlery sorted and marked and neat? Imagine a clients frustration when they receive incorrect cutlery or cutlery that does not match because of disorganised storage on the part of the service provider.

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Common storage areas where products / supplies / stock etc. is stored. By using variable sized plastic containers that can be labelled and that can be placed on top of existing shelving or inside existing cupboard space, you will be able to make a great impact, with a lower capital outlay. For more information of Warehouse organisation read Why is the use of storage bins in a Warehouse Important.

Why plastic storage bins? In a previous article we explained in detail all 5 Benefits of Plastic Storage Bins.

These benefits include:

  • Maximum Storage Safety
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long-Lasting solution

For more information about what should be considered when looking at plastic bins as part of your storage solution, please read: Shelf Bin Storage Solutions.

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