5 Benefits of Plastic Storage Bins and Containers

Each warehouse and each business has its unique requirements and needs a tailormade storage solution.  A well-planned storage solution will improve the warehouse’s appearance and result in a more organised space. The answer to maximizing your storage per square meter may be as simple as making use of plastic storage bins. Plastic storage bins can be used in conjunction with existing shelving, and will, therefore, not require additional investments or increased floor space. When you use Delabins with the compact method with maximum shelving per square you could even decrease your storage space. Unlike cardboard or wooden storage solutions, plastic storage bins can be re-used multiple times. Organic storage containers need to be treated for pests and often have a shorter shelf life. Organic storage solutions are more difficult to clean, are less hygienic and less consistent in quality and dimension. Need to change your storage solution? Email us for a quote  or Give us a call on 012 391 7002

Plastic storage bins are safe from water damage and will not absorb moisture that may be present in the air or in the warehouse. Delabins are designed to fit together in such a way that you get maximum storage per square meter.

Over the years plastic storage bins have gained popularity in warehouses, workshops and shops stocking loose items like small spares, nuts and bolts. Storage bins can also be used in the hospitality industry to organise cutlery, sachets and décor items.

We have a list of 5 benefits of plastic storage bins and containers for businesses.

1.    Plastic Storage Bins Provide Maximum Safety

Falling objects is the 8th most common reason for workplace injuries. The bottom of the plastic containers is skid-resistant, which prevents accidental falls. Plastic is more hygienic and less pest issues persist.

2.    Plastic Storage Bins are Easy to Clean

Plastic storage bins and containers are easy to clean, all you need to do is wipe them with a damp, clean cloth. Compared to wooden and metal storage units, the smooth internal walls of these containers makes for easy and convenient clean-ups.

3.    Plastic Storage Bins reduce Clutter

Most plastic storage bins and containers are designed to be stackable. The interlocking pieces can be rearranged to fit any space. This smart design maximises your storage per square meter. When each item in the inventory is organised and labelled systematically, it will keep all clutter out of sight. The Delabin is only stackable when its empty to save space when it is not in use.

4.    Plastic Storage Bins increases Productivity

Ease of access to each item in a working space allows staff to find the items they need quickly and efficiently. Plastic storage bins help staff to manage the inventory effectively. The use of label holders allows easy identification of items in a store or warehouse.

5.    Plastic Storage Bins are a Long-Lasting solution

In most cases, metal storage solutions are perceived as more durable, while cardboard storage units are perceived to be a greener solution. While in fact, plastic storage solutions offer a more economical alternative to metal and cardboard storage units. Plastic storage bins that are kept intact does not get affected by external elements. They are also resistant to insect damage, rust, and corrosion. Plastic storage bins can be used over and over, thus making it a green solution as well. Investing in appropriate storage solutions saves space and time and builds brand loyalty by retaining customers. Call us today 012 391 7002 or please email us so we can start helping you maximize your storage space optimally per square meter.

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