The first move in bringing your plastic product to life is to get a quote for its manufacturing. This can have a massive impact on your costs and profitability, so it is crucial to get the best quote. Plastic injection molding is a very specific process and influenced by many factors, from the design to the materials used. Even though an experienced manufacturer such as Delaplast can ensure your product meets your expectations, a clear picture of what you need will make the quoting process much more effective. Read our article about the 10 steps of developing a new plastic moulded product. A good quote for plastic injection molding comes down five steps. If you cover these, you can ensure the best value and performance for your money:

CAD designs and samples

Before there can be a molding process, there needs to be a mold – and a mold comes from a CAD design. If you do not have such a design, one can be developed using Delaplast’s design services. Even if you already have a mold, a CAD design can give the molder a good sense of what the final product will be. If you have samples of the product, it will help as well. These indicate the complexity of the parts, which can cause challenges in the molding process. The more your molding partner knows, the better they can anticipate the process, and quote accurately.

The state of the mold

You may have a mold already – perhaps you are manufacturing a new batch of a tried-and-tested product. But molds wear and can create problems that will affect the quality and appeal of the plastic product. A worn mold cannot be wished away. Present the mold for the quote and be willing to get honest feedback, such as requiring the tooling of a new mold.

Product Volumes

Do you need one or two products? Do you need thousands? How soon do you need them? Plastic injection molding can scale, but not without sufficient planning. The number of products you want can have a positive effect on material costs, but a negative impact on mold lifespans. Without sufficient planning around the volumes and timelines, unexpected costs can creep in. It is possible to scale the manufacturing process later in the project, but this might raise prices in ways that could have been avoided

The right resin

Resin is the key ingredient for plastic. The choice of resin will have the greatest impact on your product’s basic properties. This can be a confusing topic, as a given resin be used for many different applications, from plastic bags to long-lasting parts in cars to high-pressure taps. Those properties are determined during the molding process, of which the base resin has the biggest influence and should be investigated thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to ask the injection supplier questions about resin choices.

Requirements for the product

In addition to the resin, plastics can be given other properties that further distinguish your product. These include chemical or UV resistance, fire retardation, brittleness and more. Such requirements are usually met through additives, added to the resin prior to the injection process. To avoid surprises, know what you want the product to do and not do. For example, making a material fireproof when it doesn’t need to be will just be an unnecessary cost. But neglecting to put UV protection in a product that lives outdoors might result in unhappy customers down the line.

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storage bins solutions

When designing a warehouse, there are many different options that you can use to organise items. So, why choose storage bins to help organise your warehouse? Let’s first look at what makes a container a good storage bin.

A storage bin is the smallest available unit of space in a warehouse that can be used to store stock, items, and products for companies in the mining, hydraulic or mechanical industries. Also for small veterinary or medical practices or workshops where storage space is an issue.

There are many ways storage bins can help you organise your warehouse:

A storage bin can be utilised as a place holding device, which assists in keeping similar items in one area while keeping other items separate from each other, or preventing items from falling through the racking.

You can use a letter or number system with storage bins to create an effective way of organising items, making them easier to find and put away. After you have found a system that works best for your warehouse, you can then label each bin to ensure that bins are returned to their designated spots, setting an expected sort and order to your warehouse organisation. By using a system to organise the placement of each bin, a storage bin can be used as a navigational tool, helping you find an item’s location in your warehouse through the number or letter system.

Here is where the Dela Plast storage bins come in handy as each storage shelf bin has space for a label and window for effective numbering. These labels can be easily changed when necessary.

Want to see some examples of our bins?

Storage bins are useful when you want to choose a few items or stock, as opposed to taking an entire box or pallet down, which might require more time and equipment.

The Dela Plast storage shelving combo with bins have been designed in such a way to prevent high unpractical storage. Our shelving are 1905mm high and shelves close together eliminates unused space and the need to store goods too high up. Combined with the DelaBins, goods are easy to reach and stored compactly.

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Storage Bins Can Help Organize Your Warehouse

The many different storage bin colours, options, and sizes can help you organise your warehouse based on your particular needs. The different sizes allow you to choose the appropriate bin measurements that best fit the shelving. Also, a wide variety of available bin sizes allows you to choose bins to fit the items you want to store.

Instead of using a number or letter system to label bins, you could also use colour coordination. An easy to remember, a colour-coded system allows staff to find what they need quickly, and also return items to their proper locations. This kind of system can also be more visually pleasing.

Storage Bins Allow Workers To Access Items Easily

Some warehouses place bins containing a small number of items on the easily accessible lower shelves while putting the remaining stock on the overhead racks. Storage bins help you create a well-organized and efficient system that allows workers to easily access items without the need of a ladder or lift device every single time you need to pick something. Ladders and lift devices are only required when it’s time to restock the storage bins.

Overall, storage bins can be a powerful tool to create an organizationally optimised warehouse, which will save you time and money in the long run.
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At Dela Plast, our storage bins are designed to store small to medium items. The dividers ensures optimum space usage. We have options for drawer units which works effectively in parts workshops. Our shelving is designed in such a way that we use maximum storage per square, which means – no need to pay for wasted storage square space! We also have lockable cabinets with DelaBins for safe storage of small and expensive parts.

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