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Dela Plast plastic shelf bins are excellent for effective and neat storing of all those small bits and pieces in warehouses, workshops, offices and off course all your ‘what to do with’s’ at home neatly. Our Dela Combo’s are the ultimate storage space saving solution for maximum storage per square! You can’t go wrong with one of these units! Read more about the benefits of using storage bins here.

DelaBin Sizes:

The plastic shelf bins or storage containers are made of a strong plastic that can be used for years to come. There are 6 sizes of bins available with two standard widths: 120mm (small) and 240mm (large) and 3 different depths i.e. 300mm, 400mm and 500mm to make full use of your available space.  All the bins have a height of 90 mm. The bins can be divided in smaller compartments/storage locations using the dividers. For the 300mm unit that would mean  4 different compartments in the one storage unit, the 400mm has 5 storage compartments etc. Each compartment can be labeled separately for ease of identification of your products. This ensures that different coloured items or  items with small differences in the same ranges can be stored together effectively.

Bins storage containers with dimensions


The storage shelf bins come standard in a blue or black and is easily cleanable and ensures a uniform look. As we are the manufacturing company in Pretoria, Gauteng, we can personalize the storage bin colours to your company colours or specific preference when large orders (one thousand )  are required. We use the process of plastic injection moulding to make these handy storage bins. This ensures continuous uniformity of these excellent organizational bins and ensures that we can produce in large quantities to keep our wholesale clients happy!


Accessories for your storage container is available, for neat, maximum and effective storing solutions for just about any small area in your workplace or home! The concept behind the DelaBins are that you use the minimum amount of storage space area for the maximum amount of storage as it is expensive to rent offices and workshops these days. With the DelaBin dividers, window and labels and front or back stoppers it makes it even more effective and picking parts does not become a nightmare or time consuming task.


Storage bin dividers are ideal for dividing one plastic shelf bin into different smaller compartments for different sizes or colours of the same product. You can purchase loose dividers for the 120mm (small) or 240mm (large) bins in blue or black. A 300mm bin can have up to 3 dividers for 4 small storage areas. The 400 mm bin can have 4 dividers and the 500mm bin 5 dividers with space for 6 different types of products. Each divider has a space for an identification window and label.

Identification window and labels:

Dela-Plast shelf bins have been designed to properly identify your stored items. Windows and labels are available in boxes of 50 each. The labels are provided as a perforated sheets containing 30 labels each. To protect the labels from dirt, smudging and falling out, plastic windows are provided for each label-holder.

The front label-holder is used to identify your bin content in general e.g. M3 Screws. Each compartment is then identified using the label holder on the divider and/or the label holder at the inside back end of the bin. E.g. a 400 mm bin can be subdivided in 5 compartments using 4 dividers. The M3 screws can be identified as M3x15mm, M3x20mm, M3x25mm, M3 x 30mm and M3x40mm.

Front and back stoppers:

A unique feature for the Dela Plast plastic shelf bin is the so called “Front stopper” and “Back stopper”. These ‘stoppers’ clips on the front and back of the DelaBins. The front stopper prevents you from pushing the bin to far back and the risk of pushing the content behind the bin of the shelf. Secondly it creates a neat appearance when all the front faces of the bins are in line. The Back stopper prevents deeper plastic shelf bins with heavier products from falling out when you retrieve products from the bin. It hooks onto the Delacombo cabinet or your shelving to prevent it from falling. These front and back stopper accessories work best with the Dela Plast Steel shelving units, but can also be implemented in existing shelving ranges. 

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Use with steel shelving for effective storage and minimum footprint:

These sturdy Dela Combo units with the Dela Plast shelf bins allows you to have maximum storage usage per square.

So, if you have a storage space issue, our Dela Combo units are made just for you!

These standard shelving units are 1905mm high and 1010mm wide. They have been designed to keep the maximum amount of bins in height and width for effective picking of products.
A standard shelf can carry up to approximately 105kg and when reinforced it can carry up to 200kg! One unit can store up to 13 shelves which house 104 small bins.

The units are flat packed for ease of delivery and are very easy to install by bolting them together. The shelf depth ranges from 300mm,400mm to 500mm to go with the shelf bins.

The units are also available as double entry units by bolting them together back to back, which can house up to 208 small bins,104 Large bins or a mixture of the 2 containers ! What a lot of space! The shelves are close together as not to waste any void spaces. Ideal for those compact areas that still need lots of storage.

There is also an option for a lockable steel cabinet for the more expensive parts that needs safe storage solutions. These units house up to 77 small bins or 44 combination shelf bins.

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We look forward to helping you transform your storage headaches into efficient storage solutions!

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shelving Combo with Dela Plast plastic shelf bins

Then Reduce Office Clutter.

A large percentage of the workforce that you manage may require no physical labour. That means that most of them are sitting at a desk for hours at a time. With multiple hours a day spent at the same location, it’s not difficult to see why office desks and spaces tend to become our second homes, and why we feel comfortable to let the clutter pile up.

According to recent studies your office is not big enough to house both clutter and productivity. Clutter easily gives rise to chaos, and chaos in turn reduces productivity and causes profits to decline.
It is not just the piles of paper that need to be filed. It is the odds and ends that get used on occasion, and that remain essential, but need to be stored away for when they are needed. Office supplies and stationary, products and parts, they all have a way of easily becoming a grand pile of disorganisation. Read more here about why the use of storage bins in a warehouse is so important.

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The fact of the matter is, it takes manpower, which again translates into finances to straighten the dysfunction and the disorganisation out once it has occurred. And for that reason it is better to prevent clutter rather than to sporadically clean it up.
Do piles of paper, disorganization and information mismanagement take over your workplace while efficiency and effectiveness vanish right before your eyes?

While we do not have statistic readily available for South Africa, According to the National Association of Professional Organizations in the USA, the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for missing papers and items. They also reported that one of the most common frustrations for small businesses is the inability to adequately serve customers as a result of unorganised workspaces.
Think of a catering company who needs to keep various items such as cutlery sorted and marked and neat? Imagine a clients frustration when they receive incorrect cutlery or cutlery that does not match because of disorganised storage on the part of the service provider.

Has misplacing something ever caused you a similar problem?

Common storage areas where products / supplies / stock etc. is stored. By using variable sized plastic containers that can be labelled and that can be placed on top of existing shelving or inside existing cupboard space, you will be able to make a great impact, with a lower capital outlay.

For more information of Warehouse organisation read Why is the use of storage bins in a Warehouse Important.

Why plastic storage bins?
In a previous article we explained in detail all 5 Benefits of Plastic Storage Bins.

These benefits include:

  • Maximum Storage Safety
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long-Lasting solution

For more information about what should be considered when looking at plastic bins as part of your storage solution, please read: Shelf Bin Storage Solutions.

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storage bins solutions

When designing a warehouse, there are many different options that you can use to organise items. So, why choose storage bins to help organise your warehouse? Let’s first look at what makes a container a good storage bin.

A storage bin is the smallest available unit of space in a warehouse that can be used to store stock, items, and products for companies in the mining, hydraulic or mechanical industries. Also for small veterinary or medical practices or workshops where storage space is an issue.

There are many ways storage bins can help you organise your warehouse:

A storage bin can be utilised as a place holding device, which assists in keeping similar items in one area while keeping other items separate from each other, or preventing items from falling through the racking.

You can use a letter or number system with storage bins to create an effective way of organising items, making them easier to find and put away. After you have found a system that works best for your warehouse, you can then label each bin to ensure that bins are returned to their designated spots, setting an expected sort and order to your warehouse organisation. By using a system to organise the placement of each bin, a storage bin can be used as a navigational tool, helping you find an item’s location in your warehouse through the number or letter system.

Here is where the Dela Plast storage bins come in handy as each storage shelf bin has space for a label and window for effective numbering. These labels can be easily changed when necessary.

Want to see some examples of our bins?

Storage bins are useful when you want to choose a few items or stock, as opposed to taking an entire box or pallet down, which might require more time and equipment.

The Dela Plast storage shelving combo with bins have been designed in such a way to prevent high unpractical storage. Our shelving are 1905mm high and shelves close together eliminates unused space and the need to store goods too high up. Combined with the DelaBins, goods are easy to reach and stored compactly.

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Storage Bins Can Help Organize Your Warehouse

The many different storage bin colours, options, and sizes can help you organise your warehouse based on your particular needs. The different sizes allow you to choose the appropriate bin measurements that best fit the shelving. Also, a wide variety of available bin sizes allows you to choose bins to fit the items you want to store.

Instead of using a number or letter system to label bins, you could also use colour coordination. An easy to remember, a colour-coded system allows staff to find what they need quickly, and also return items to their proper locations. This kind of system can also be more visually pleasing.

Storage Bins Allow Workers To Access Items Easily

Some warehouses place bins containing a small number of items on the easily accessible lower shelves while putting the remaining stock on the overhead racks. Storage bins help you create a well-organized and efficient system that allows workers to easily access items without the need of a ladder or lift device every single time you need to pick something. Ladders and lift devices are only required when it’s time to restock the storage bins.

Overall, storage bins can be a powerful tool to create an organizationally optimised warehouse, which will save you time and money in the long run.
Read about the 5 benefits of our plastic storage bins.

At Dela Plast, our storage bins are designed to store small to medium items. The dividers ensures optimum space usage. We have options for drawer units which works effectively in parts workshops. Our shelving is designed in such a way that we use maximum storage per square, which means – no need to pay for wasted storage square space! We also have lockable cabinets with DelaBins for safe storage of small and expensive parts.

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