The first move in bringing your plastic product to life is to get a quote for its manufacturing. This can have a massive impact on your costs and profitability, so it is crucial to get the best quote. Plastic injection molding is a very specific process and influenced by many factors, from the design to the materials used. Even though an experienced manufacturer such as Delaplast can ensure your product meets your expectations, a clear picture of what you need will make the quoting process much more effective. Read our article about the 10 steps of developing a new plastic moulded product. A good quote for plastic injection molding comes down five steps. If you cover these, you can ensure the best value and performance for your money:

CAD designs and samples

Before there can be a molding process, there needs to be a mold – and a mold comes from a CAD design. If you do not have such a design, one can be developed using Delaplast’s design services. Even if you already have a mold, a CAD design can give the molder a good sense of what the final product will be. If you have samples of the product, it will help as well. These indicate the complexity of the parts, which can cause challenges in the molding process. The more your molding partner knows, the better they can anticipate the process, and quote accurately.

The state of the mold

You may have a mold already – perhaps you are manufacturing a new batch of a tried-and-tested product. But molds wear and can create problems that will affect the quality and appeal of the plastic product. A worn mold cannot be wished away. Present the mold for the quote and be willing to get honest feedback, such as requiring the tooling of a new mold.

Product Volumes

Do you need one or two products? Do you need thousands? How soon do you need them? Plastic injection molding can scale, but not without sufficient planning. The number of products you want can have a positive effect on material costs, but a negative impact on mold lifespans. Without sufficient planning around the volumes and timelines, unexpected costs can creep in. It is possible to scale the manufacturing process later in the project, but this might raise prices in ways that could have been avoided

The right resin

Resin is the key ingredient for plastic. The choice of resin will have the greatest impact on your product’s basic properties. This can be a confusing topic, as a given resin be used for many different applications, from plastic bags to long-lasting parts in cars to high-pressure taps. Those properties are determined during the molding process, of which the base resin has the biggest influence and should be investigated thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to ask the injection supplier questions about resin choices.

Requirements for the product

In addition to the resin, plastics can be given other properties that further distinguish your product. These include chemical or UV resistance, fire retardation, brittleness and more. Such requirements are usually met through additives, added to the resin prior to the injection process. To avoid surprises, know what you want the product to do and not do. For example, making a material fireproof when it doesn’t need to be will just be an unnecessary cost. But neglecting to put UV protection in a product that lives outdoors might result in unhappy customers down the line.

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Why resell delaplast storage bins?

The versatility and the quality of the Dela Plast storage bins makes it an ideal product to market if you are offering storage solutions to your clients. There are various sizes and colours to suit the need of every customer. The durability and the practicality of the bins make sit an easy sell to any business that needs to organise its shelves and storage space. By purchasing in large volumes from Dela Plast and reselling you now have the opportunity to diversify your storage solution business. By marketing these bins to your existing clients, you are able to leverage existing relationships to boost your business’ cash flow.

Why buy storage bins in wholesale quantities?

When rolling out a storage space organisational plan, it is important to be sure that your bins are uniform and consistent is size. This allows you to maximise your storage space per square meter. By purchasing large volumes of storage bins, you will not only save money, you will have a neater looking storage space because of the uniform appearance of the bins.

What makes plastic storage bins a good buy?

Over the years plastic storage bins have gained popularity in warehouses, workshops and shops stocking loose items like spares, nuts and bolts because of their strength and durability. Storage bins can also be used in the hospitality industry to organise cutlery, sachets and décor items. We have a list of 5 Benefits of Plastic Storage Bins and Containers for Businesses. In this list you will see a comparison between plastic storage bins and some other storage items. According to recent studies your office is not big enough to house both clutter and productivity. Clutter easily gives rise to chaos, and chaos in turn reduces productivity and causes profits to decline. By reducing clutter and storing away loose items effectively, storage bins can help you to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability.

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Black Delabin and blue storage container with label

The use of plastic in manufacturing is constantly growing as it is a primary component of many consumer articles. So, when someone has a great new and innovative idea for a plastic injection moulded product the best way to go about is to contact a local plastic injection moulder like Dela Plast who can assist you from design of the product right through to production.

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Dela Plast is a plastic injection moulding manufacturer in Pretoria. We specialise in contract injection moulding which means we supply customers products of which the customer owns the mould. We get many pricing requests from enthusiastic customers for plastic products or components they require for their businesses. Purchasing a non-existing plastic component is not as easy as just placing an order. A lot of work goes into the product design that is not always foreseen when a great idea is conceived. But through proper design and planning, mould and production costs can be reduced.

Product development is a process from design to production. We can advise you on your product development process:

One of the main problems is that a client does not always know how to go about in developing this product and what the costs related are. One of the biggest hurdles in plastic injection moulding is the costs of the moulds. Moulds need to be made of high quality tool steel to resist the impact of the pressure of the heated plastic that goes through the tiny components(gates) to fill your mould for uniform products.
But before we get ahead of ourselves lets look at the steps for plastic product development:

10 Steps for manufacturing a new Plastic Injection Moulded product:

1. Acquire a great idea

This idea for a plastic product should be feasible and should be able to sell thousands and thousands of plastic parts! It is very important to have a high production rate to make the idea feasible!

2. Complete the design

Design the product keeping in mind important factors like material choice, uniform wall thickness, avoiding sharp corners if possible etc. Planning is very important to prevent costly mistakes by thinking the design through. Ideally do a 3D design.

3. Find a local plastic injection moulder

Find a reputable plastic injection moulding company and have a brainstorming session regarding your idea. Discuss the technical aspects of the product like the number of cavities necessary for optimum production, the amount of moulds needed for the components or if family moulds could be an option. Also discuss the raw material to use and product manufacturing time. Product assembling, packaging and transport should also be discussed.

4. Improve and finalize the design

It is very important to improve from what you have learned in the previous step. You can always print a sample by 3D print technology to ensure that you are happy with the end product and that it works for the intended use. The production price will be quoted by the plastic injection manufacturers and they will also have the right contacts for mould makers to request a quote from.

5. Sign off the design

Signing off the design after ensuring that you are happy with the final product is off utmost importance. Discuss this with the mould maker and pay the deposit for making the mould. The mould making normally takes around 12 weeks depending on the type of mould required.

6. The mould is now tested for accuracy and functionality

After the mould have been manufactured, tests are done on the plastic products to ensure that it produces correctly. A quality check should follow to confirm that you are happy with the end product. Look out for flashes, short moulding, burn marks, vacuum voids and sink marks.

7. Final delivery to the plastic injection moulder

Some last checks and amendments can be done by mould maker before final delivery to the plastic injection moulder where production will take place.

8. Place your orders

Now it is time to confirm your order for your plastic contract moulding product by specifying materials, colours, amounts and delivery times.

9. Production takes place

Production now takes place according to your order in the lead time as discussed. Assembly takes place if necessary. Product is then packaged as specified.

10. Delivery of end product takes place.

Depending on what the plastic product/ component is, you can now utilise it or sell it as intended.

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From the above steps you can see the importance of gaining the correct technical and professional knowledge as well as doing the correct planning and having sufficient budget for developing a plastic product. The success lies in implementing all these aspects and insights to get to your final quality plastic product.

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